Duration: 13 minutes | Short Film

Christos, an eight-year-old boy, aims to go with his girlfriend of the same age, Dimitra to watch a theater play of ‘Romeo and Juliet” at night, as a touring theater troupe has visited their village. But things will not turn out to be that easy for Christos, who will have to overcome obstacles and take brave decisions! A film about art, love, magic and a dream!

Directed by: Amerissa Basta Script: Amerissa Basta, Dimitris Nakos | Starring: Konstantinos Palikaras, Alexandra Edini, Kostas Koroneos | Producer: Argyroulis Angelos Production: Stefilm, Greek Film Center, t-shOrt, Amerissa Basta, Dimitris Nakos.



Duration: 25 minutes | Short Film

Alice drinks coffee and reads. Vasilis wants to meet her in the evening. Caterina waits for Vasilis in the evenings. Vasilis will get away from everything. And Alice is back in the coffee.

Directed by Dimitris Nakos Script: Dimitris Nakos, Giorgos-Ikaros Babassakis | Starring: Prometheus Alelipopoulos, Lena Papaligoura, Maria Kehagioglou | Production: Stefilm, t-short, Dimitris Nakos.

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