The Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is a digital film package, a digital film, with a special form of data for image and sound. The DCP aims to create a standard for digital cinema to make it easier to distribute the film or advertising globally.

Η STEFILM παράγει DCP από το 2010 με λογισμικά όπως το Easy DCP Creator. We provide you a smooth workflow and perfect compliance with DCI standards.


DCP mastering to DCI standards


DCP 24/25 fps


DCP at 4K / 2K analysis


DCP re-master


DCP copy


DCP replication (CRU)


Multilingual 2D & 3D subtitling


Encrypted and unencrypted


Format hard drivers to Linux xt3 – NTFS





STEFILM for the digitization of archival materials uses the Cintel
Scanner by Black Magic. The Scanner has a source of diffuse light of high
Volume and advanced imaging system, so you have an HDR scan
real-time 35 & 16mm movies in Ultra HD resolution.



The Cintel Scanner is ideal for creating digital movies you can
use in later production unlocking the huge ones
movie libraries. Cintel scans negatively or positively 35 & 16mm in
amazing Ultra HD quality.



It is worth mentioning that a 35mm tape has
high dynamic range and native 4K resolution. STEFILM with experience
the cinematic space is guaranteed to be impressive
result in the new generation of digital cinema.

STEFILM with the appropriate Scanners in her studio has the
ability to digitize all the widths of the films.

  • For Super or Regular 8 it is very important that the quality control of the material is right, as it is very likely that its age is not in the desired state for scanning. From Super or Regular 8, which is scanned by frame by frame, you can get digitized material in HD 1920x1080 quality.
  • For the 16 & 35 mm most modern film, the digital cleaning process is necessary as the image depicted on the monitor is often abused due to the multi-use of the film. Then come the color interventions so you have a vivid image. Το The digitized material is given in quality 4K, 2K, and HD.


  • Sound Scanning
  • Digital Cleaning
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Engineering


  • Film Scanning
  • Color correction
  • Digital Cleaning
  • Sync Audio


  • Upscale from BETA/DB/SB/VHS/DVD to PAL/HD/2K/4K
  • Upscale digital from HD/2K to 4K
  • Digital Transcode


  • 2 Suites DaVinci Resolve
  • Commercial or any film and Ads

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